Friday, October 14, 2016


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

I am an old fuck. I have lived so damn long that I can still remember when the American economy was actually thriving. I can remember when it was still possible for a citizen to walk around a major city without being raped or robbed. I can remember when you left a car running and unlocked when you bought staples in a grocery store. I can remember when you almost never glimpsed any foreigners on the street. And what happened? The liberals decided to make things better – and, like everything else the humanitarians try to improve, the do-gooders just ended-up destroying the United States forever. If you ever try to reform anything, you only end-up ruining things.

Just as your mother always told that you are what you eat – the same is true of the body politic. If you allow Third World nationals into the country, then you become a Third-World nation. How has welcoming all these immigrants into America made life better for me? You will say that this is a selfish question. And so it is. Yet, an immigrant coming to this country for a better life is acting just as selfish. Logically, a foreigner coming to the United States is behaving just as self-centered as the citizen who doesn’t want him here. Altruists might see suffering in different places in the world, but they are invariably blind to one thing: a double standard.

If it is reasonable not to allow an alien species like Zika virus into the country, then it must be equally rational not to want the human hosts here either. That is just basic ecology. If you don’t want an invasive species of insect life, you don’t want an invasive species of human life either.

You can defeat a country by an invasion from a foreign army, but you destroy it all that more thoroughly by making the citizens start to feel sorry for outsiders. A civilization goes down when the people start to feel pity for someone they have never met. A culture can only remain strong when it maintains a healthy suspicion of strangers.

Just the other day, I observed a “refugee family” buying junk food at a convenience store with a state EBT card. The immigrant males had already acclimatized themselves to Western garb, but the women still retained their native garments. And they were pushing around a deformed adolescent – with flippers for hands and flippers for feet. More like some exotic sea creature than a human being. The juvenile was half-covered by a dank raincoat, and a foamy substance was dribbling from its lips. They were pulling him around in – I kid you not – a red wagon. Back when I was a child I had a vintage Radio Flyer too, but I didn’t tote around hideous monstrosities in the wagon. The American taxpayers will be stuck paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to maintain that creature. Money that could have been spent to on your own old-age care, money that could have been spent on national infrastructure. Now you will have a more shitty life because some liberals felt all compassionate about that … that thing in a wagon.

Those fucking liberals should have been focused more on their own retirement care, not on bringing in worthless creatures from the other side of the world.

Thursday, October 6, 2016


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

There are many bad things that you might possibly do in life, but there are few things as downright evil as adoption.

Adoption is an attempt to contravene fate. Horrible things happen in life. Not all children are meant to survive. If the parents of a brat should die, perhaps that is God’s way of showing that the entire genetic line should be eradicated.

Not all children deserve to be loved. Not all kids should be happy. Not all youngsters are going to get hugged. Sometimes the little bastard is just fated to suffer. And you shouldn’t interfere in that destiny. Just as there ought to be a non-interference principle between cultures at the larger level, so there needs to be a non-interference policy between human beings at the local level.

Question: What would Jesus do if He saw a tearful child alone in the world? Answer: Nothing. Nothing at all. Not His concern.

So what if some juvenile goes hungry? No skin off my back. So what if some bastard has no father? No foreskin off my dick.

Back when I was in elementary school, the greatest insult that you could hurl at another child was not that he is a fag, but that he was adopted. Being adopted is a character flaw. Even at an early age, a kid can sense that adoption goes against the natural order of things.

The adoption industry has a vested interested in making you feel guilty about parentless children. The more you feel a social obligation, the more money that these professional altruists are able to extract in adoption fees. Whenever a third-world government wants money from gullible Westerners, one of the easiest sources of funding is from liberals who feel bad when they see news reports about starving children. Adoption is just another scam. All that I am suggesting is that you have no obligation to do anything whatsoever for someone else’s kids. Whenever you hear it said that you have a social obligation to help the less fortunate, you know that those unfortunates are going to help themselves to your wallet.

Adoption causes psychological damage not just to the child – but adoption is equally destructive to the host parents as well. Bringing a strange child into your home distorts your normal family tradition. Like some horrific parasite, the adopted child consumes the biological family. And that adolescent adoptee is likely to steal your collection of transsexual porn, if he thinks those slimy DVDs will bring him enough cash to buy drugs. Save your personality and pornography – and do not ever succumb to the vice of adoption.

An adopted child is an out-of-place child. A rootless child is a retarded child. Adopted children not only have lower IQs on average, but they also bring down the intelligence level of the host family they infest.

Children belong in the culture in which they were created – not passed around like a bad penny. You do not, for instance, take an American Indian child and raise him in an Anglo family – that would be an assault upon thousands of years of Native tradition. Adoption is an attack upon your familial culture.

An adopted child is a genetic insult to the family line. An orphan child is something that does not involve you – and any attempt to better this alien creature will only impoverish your own biological offspring. An adopted child is an affront to thousands of years of familial DNA.

A parentless child is not your responsibility. In life, you do what you have to do – but when you take on someone else’s burden, you become a nuisance to everyone around you. Someone else’s misfortune is a perfect chance for you to mind your own business. A wise man accepts bad luck, while a fool always tries to make everything better.

Children are disposable creatures. Children belong where and with whom they were conceived – and not in alien environment. Back during the Old West, only a quarter of all offspring ever managed to survive childhood. That is the way things should be – existence is a traumatic thing. Some children are just meant to be orphans, so get over it.

A civilization cannot afford to be squeamish about children. A crying child is like an injured animal beside the road. You feel bad about the dumb creature, but the carnage simply isn’t your problem. Just as you would not stop for an orphaned fawn, you should not bother trying to help an orphaned kid. Whenever you see a suffering child, just keep going.

One more hungry kid in the world means you – yes, you – can have that second helping – and eat that extra food in peace and quiet. A child in need is a golden opportunity to do nothing. And by doing nothing, you ensure that only the fittest survive.

Saturday, September 24, 2016


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Think of life as something like trying to walk across a highway. Got that in your mind? Traffic is moving along pretty heavy, but you still need to find a way to get to the other side of the freeway. Even when there is no crosswalk, even when there is no pedestrian causeway, you very existence depends on getting across that road. Vehicle after vehicle zooms past. You do not hold any animosity for the unknown drivers – all of them have their own particular places to go. You wait for the right moment to walk across the road.

All of a sudden, you notice a slight gap in vehicles. You realize that if you maintain a precise pace, you can just make it across. Not a second to spare. At just the right moment, you enter the roadway – after making your way across the first lane, there is no turning back. Moving vehicles are just inches away from your flesh. You’re committed to the plan you have chosen. You have to do this.

Then one car slows down. What the hell? You had expected the vehicle to maintain the same speed and to pass you by now. Now you have no way of knowing exactly what the driver might be intending: just to stop so that you might get hit by a moving vehicle in the lane beside him – or maybe he has merely reduced speed because he thinks some different traffic law applies. The sedan, you notice with some caution, has not completely stopped – just reduced velocity. You believe that the driver is just being some sort of a Good Samaritan – but he has now made it impossible for you to get to the other side.

Because of the operator’s unwelcome help, your very life is now in jeopardy. If only that other person had just minded his own business, you might have made it where you needed to go. Now you are stuck in between life-threatening vehicles – all because some bastard wanted to be nice. Kindness kills.

Saturday, September 3, 2016


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

An honorable man is a hostile man. A brave man is a brutal man. A courageous man is a cruel man. Above all else, a dignified man makes everyone around him feel dispirited.

But a cheerful guy is always a coward. A generous man is invariably a gutless man. A kind man is completely controlled by mass culture.

The ruling class wants everyone to be nice to each other because the population is more easily managed that way. A populace is so much more easily controlled if the citizens are constantly apologizing to each other. A nice guy is easier to manipulate: he doesn’t object, he doesn’t complain, he doesn’t even raise his voice. You make adults obey exactly the same way that you make children behave: by getting them to be good.

If you want to reject social indoctrination, then you have got to do everything that society opposes. If humanitarians tell you that selfishness is wrong, then you need to become completely self-centered. If altruists say that the ego is a bad thing, then you better become more egotistical. Maintaining a continual attitude of unpleasantness is the only way that you are going to be able to resist socialization. Unkindness is not just a matter of self-respect, as much as unfriendliness is a means of self-protection.

To another freethinker, the presence of a fellow individualist might be intensely inspirational – but to the human horde, an individualist is going to be profoundly demoralizing. Only to another person who values personal freedom will a misfit seem encouraging – the rest of humanity will find him incredibly depressing. If you aren’t antagonizing your neighbors, then you aren’t doing individualism. If you aren’t detested by your fellow human beings, then you haven’t accomplished anything.

You become an individualist not by rejecting all contact with other people, but by reforming the way that you interact with others. You do not have to withdraw to a desert island (no matter how tempting that sounds), but you have to carry that island within you (palm fronds and all). You gain freedom by surrounding your personality by a sort of “mental moat.” You become an individualist by conveying such an attitude of contempt toward other people that you become an outcast in the eyes of the rest of society. You communicate such an attitude of repugnance that other people do not want to come near you.

The only way that you are going to defend your independence is by actively defeating all do-gooders, and that destruction is going to make you seem a threatening figure to the more subservient herd. Say what you like about an obnoxious jerk: at least he isn’t conned by some fraudulent charity. A man without sympathy will never be suckered. So you might as well remain unkind: others may hate you, but at least they won’t be taking advantage of you. 

Be alienated, be alert, be alarmed. But don’t be nice about it.

Saturday, August 20, 2016


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Go ahead and litter. Go ahead and toss that rubbish. You don’t really need my permission, but there is no reason why you should be carrying around your refuse in your hands like a homeless bum.

What the fuck is wrong with you? Has society made you such a pansy that you are afraid to toss that empty beer can on the sidewalk? Grow some balls – and litter proudly.

Littering demonstrates what this world is. If you fling your rubbish into the street, the very act of littering shows that this country is already trash. Are you going to say that a graffiti-covered building isn’t already refuse? Are you going to tell me that there is truly a substantive difference between the junk food and its wrapper? Why not just toss that Big Mac container on the sidewalk? You’ve already eaten the worst of the crap anyway.

What difference does it make if you leave your Styrofoam drink cup on a picnic table if the environment is already made out of plastic anyway? Your habit of littering proves that there is nothing in this world that is actually worth saving. The world has gone to shit anyway, so why not just add some filth to the mess?

You’re telling me that I should not litter when the city is already looking like a prison camp with metal bars and surveillance cameras? Why the hell didn’t you express those same sentiments when the ruling class was designing such oppressive architecture in the first place?

Littering shows that you are more important than the people behind you. Why would you give a shit if some stranger slips on your discarded banana peel? You are more important than the rest of society. Disposing of your waste “properly” merely displays how much you have been socialized. Look at the filth already on the sidewalk – no one cares about you, why you concern yourself with anyone else?

Surely the real garbage in this world is other people. Your empty liquor bottle might be useless, but at least it is not as worthless as the rest of humanity. Leaving that piss-filled trash on the sidewalk helps others recognize what they truly are.

Littering demonstrates that everything has its lifespan. Your cigarette butt is not going to harm the environment. Even if it did, why would you care? You are not going to live forever anyway. What difference does it make if the city becomes uninhabitable in the next decade? You aren’t going to be around anyway.

Littering is honest. Littering shows that you haven’t been indoctrinated by the do-gooders. The act of littering shows that you have accepted the world as it is.

Toss that beer bottle on the pavement.

Sunday, August 14, 2016


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

If you sign the contract, then you deliver the product – whether you lose money or not. If you buy a ticket, then you take the ride – whether you want to go anywhere or not. If you order the meal, then you eat the food – whether you like what is on your plate or not. If you unwrap the condom, then you fuck the girl – whether the fat slut is attractive or not.

If you, foolish female, promise to love someone forever, then you keep your word – whether you are happy or not. If you, filthy human, have contracted some hideous disease, then you resign yourself to having your skin covered by pustules – whether you want to be oozing pus or not. If you, stupid reader, have committed some horrific sin on this planet, then you go to hell with a smirk on your lips – whether you repent with all your heart or not.

Life is something you withstand. If you are enjoying yourself, then you aren’t doing existence right. There is something flat-out undignified about being joyful.

Delight is only going to get in the way of daily survival. If you are looking for happiness in life, you aren’t ever going to find it anyway – so it is always best to content yourself with pulling your hat down and just making it through the storm. Ultimately, more genuine fulfillment is going to be discovered in withstanding the downpour. Honor is only going to be found in seeking adversity, not searching for ecstasy.

If your life is bleak, then sanctuary is only going to be had in the blackest part of the forest. It is always in the darkest spot that is best to hide. You can best safeguard your own personality by living the most austere existence possible.

Feeling uneasy demonstrates that you have truly understood something about the nature of this world. Anguish leaves your very presence marked by a sense of majesty. You only survive from one day to the next by an attitude of resignation.

Monday, July 25, 2016


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

If you are going to call yourself a humanitarian, eventually other humans are going to take advantage of you. That’s the way life works, little fellow. All your generosity does not make you a compassionate person – it just makes you a sucker.

There is no entity more evil than a do-gooder – immoral precisely because that sort of person is such a dupe. There is no creature more vile than an altruist – disgusting precisely because your kind of sissy will allow yourself to be chumped. The liberal has about as much pathetic nastiness as a premature ejaculator covered with his own semen – all that giving just ends-up soiling yourself.

Caring about someone who doesn’t care about you is a sort of moral sliminess. A generous man is like a slug slathering itself in its filth – making itself sticky with magnanimity in order to conceal a fundamental vileness. Just as a liar will double-down on his lies to avoid admitting his dishonesty, a do-gooder will double-down on his meddling to avoid admitting his true emptiness.

Helping someone who will never help you is a just a way of humiliating yourself. Improving the life of another person will only make you a lesser human being. Openhandedness is just as way of willingly becoming a victim. Munificence is a moral failing.

A single act of benevolence can break you. A single act of kindness is something you will never live down. A single act of compassion is something that will cripple you forever. A single act of empathy will embarrass you to your dying day.

Like that premature ejaculator – the greater your bounty, the more that everyone else will be laughing at you. Sometimes it is better just to keep it in your pants.